Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

Sometimes a tooth is damaged or infected that it will not be saved. The only option is then to remove it.

So does the dentist

The rule is only an X-ray on the current tooth. This is to be sure that there is something that complicates the removal. Teeth and gums stunned properly. Then begins the process of detaching the tooth.

Specific tools that are easy to wedge in between the teeth, can sometimes be used to wiggle loose tooth. When the tooth is loose enough dentist uses pliers to lift it out. Often, tooth loosened and lifted off with the pliers directly. Once the tooth is gone checked the wound. You get bite on a gauze pad for a moment to quietly bleeding.

Simple advice

Where the tooth has been formed a “hole”. For it to heal well, avoid rinsing your mouth, eating and smoking before anesthesia gone out. Wait in any case at least an hour. You can brush your teeth as usual, but avoid the wound during healing time.

Do not suck on the wound and not wasting it with his tongue, although it can be hard to resist. Sometimes the body can react with swelling and pain. This will gradually get better and go back completely. If necessary, you can ease the pain with painkillers.