Restoring Teeth

Restoring Teeth

Do you have a hole that must be patched? Or a filling that need to be replaced? Here we tell you how it’s done.

The usual procedure is to first get stunning. It makes it easier to relax. Then you need not be concerned that it will hurt when the tooth is prepared.

When ready, the dentist can start removing the old filling and / or the soft, destroyed tooth structure. When all the infected tooth is removed, the dentist checks carefully to the tooth surface is healthy. Around the tooth is then placed a matrix, which is held in place by means of small wedges. The matrix is a type of shape for the tooth. It ensures that the filling does not become too large and that there are edges where bacteria coatings may stick.

Now, the tooth may be filled with, for example, plastics (composites). When everything is ready, remove the matrix and wedges. Then trimmed the filling so that it feels shiny and smooth. It is also sure to fill fit in the bite and does not feel too high. You should be able to bite the bullet as usual.

When do I eat?

Unless your dentist tells you otherwise, you can eat as usual after an hour.

Shooting pains

It can display in a prepared tooth. It is not uncommon, but in general is usually going over. If you would still have feelings in the tooth for some time after the repair has been carried out, please contact us at the Public Dental Service, and we will help you.