Partial denture



Miss one or several teeth in one or both jaws can affect the appearance and make it difficult to chew. It is also important for speech. Removable Partial denture provides an opportunity to replace the missing teeth.


A Partial denture usually consists of a metal structure, a plastic material and protested ducks of plastic. The metal makes the prosthesis stable and the plastic material replaces lost gums. Delprotesen supported by the remaining teeth and held in place using clamps.

To get a Partial denture with good functionality and aesthetics required careful planning. The treatment is done in cooperation with both the patient and the dental technician. The dentist begins by determining which of the adjacent teeth to support the prosthesis. Then, the impressions sent to a dental technician. Treatment requires a number of additional visits. Between each visit sent the work to a technician, who eventually finalize the prosthesis.


It can take time to get used to a Partial denture. In the beginning it sore and hurt, because the mouth must adapt to the pressure of the prosthesis. Pressure and chafing occurs almost always in the beginning. The dentist checks the chewing function and the mucous membranes of the mouth in their next visits and adjusts the prosthesis if necessary.


The prosthesis should be cleaned morning and evening using a soft toothbrush. It becomes coatings in the form of calculus, it is best to let our dental professionals to remove it. Even for those who do not have any direct problems, it is important to regularly go to the dentist to make sure dentures, teeth and mucous membranes.