Implant gives you new teeth

Implant gives you new teeth

Implant gives you new teeth

There are many ways to replace missing teeth. A proven method is to use dental implants are anchored in the jaw. The implants consist of titanium which will “grow into” the jawbone.

Implants have several advantages. They can replace one or more missing teeth. An artificial tooth attached to an implant is highly similar to a natural tooth. You can bet that an implant acts as if it were a real tooth root. They are the new “tooth roots.” Both young and old can be treated. The disadvantage is that the treatment can be perceived as time consuming and cumbersome. Smoking is also a risk of failure high.

How does it happen?

Treatment requires research, careful planning and information. A comprehensive radiographic examination needs to be done. With a gentle surgical technique placed titanium screws – fixtures – in the jawbone. The number depends on how many teeth are replaced. The procedure usually takes 1-3 hours.

Depending on when you receive the completed work, you can get a temporary tooth replacement protection. On the fixture / fixtures placed the final structure. The time between surgery and the final results will vary depending on several factors. When everything is ready, it is difficult to see the tooth that is artificial.

Moderate symptoms

Usually surgically implant in place during ordinary local anesthesia. Before the surgery, you can get a relaxant for you to feel extra safe and calm. It may bleed after treatment. This is normal and nothing to worry about. During the first few days it may ache slightly and you can become swollen mouth. It will gradually go back completely.

Take care of your new teeth!

Implants require at least as good oral hygiene as your natural teeth. Otherwise there is a risk of infection. Our dental professionals show you how to get really clean. It is important that you go for regular check with us.