Crown and bridge construction

Crown and bridge construction

Crown and bridge construction

There are many reasons for tooth loss. This may be due to large caries, brittle teeth that are cracked or loose teeth. Many find it harder to smile and talk as usual. Masticatory function deteriorates. There are several ways to solve these problems.


If a tooth has become so damaged that it can not fix it with a normal filling, can be allowed to make a crown. This means that the tooth is ground to give room for the crown material. You and your dentist determines the appropriate color on the tooth. Then, a shutter that is sent to a dental technician.

The technician preparing a model. On this, a crown shape and color match your teeth in general. It can be made of different materials. The most common are porcelain / gold, porcelain / titanium or ceramic materials. If everything fits in the test at the dentist, put the crown using a dental cement.

The treatment requires multiple visits and you get a plastic crown protection in the meantime. If the damaged tooth has lost a large part of the tooth crown and root canal, can be attached to a pin in the root. The crown attaches then the column, that is, the upper part of the pin. The pin is cast by the dental technician in gold or titanium. The dentist may in some cases itself produce a pin. When done, it is usually in a carbon fiber reinforced materials.


If one or more teeth are missing, you can replace it with a bridge. The neighboring teeth are used as support and attachment for the bridge. The supporting teeth are ground to a similar manner as when making a crown. A dental technician produces the bridge by the dentist’s instructions. It can range from 2 up to 14 teeth, that is to say a whole jaw. The material it is made of is the same as for a single crown, porcelain / gold, porcelain / titanium or ceramic materials.


To a crown or a bridge to work as long as possible, it is required that you are careful with your oral hygiene. This applies equally during the actual treatment as when everything is ready. Our dental staff will happily show you how to get really clean. You may also help to develop the hygienic aids that fit your mouth, teeth and restorations best.