Bleaching of several teeth

Want to get a whiter smile?

Want to get a whiter smile?

There are methods of teeth whitening. Each has its own primer on their teeth that also varies from person to person. Depending on what color you had from the beginning it may be more or less easy to whiten teeth. Yellow / Brown are easier to bleach than gray / blue shades. But the conditions are right, the result is very good!

Methods for bleaching

The treatment can be carried out either by a dentist or by yourself at home. It depends on the type of bleach. If you bleach at home, you get detailed instructions on how to do it. Improper treatment can cause damage to both teeth and gums. Both methods require repeated treatments and follow-ups at the dentist. The time before you see results will vary.

Important conditions

    To whiten your teeth applies to: all your fillings are of good quality All caries (tooth decay) is treated surface coatings or tartar is gone your gums are healthy

For sustainable results

For the result to stand longer, of course, continue to be closely with your oral hygiene. The tooth surface can be stained by tobacco, certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and wine. Avoid things that can stain your teeth for some time after the treatment. If necessary, after a bleaching time repeated. Keep in mind that bleached teeth that are not root-filled can become extra sensitive to heat and cold. There are usually over after a while. After completion of bleaching teeth should always be strengthened by fluoride treatment..