Dental Fear

Illustration of a Family Standing Next to a Dentist Sign

Fear of visiting the dentist is very common. Sometimes it is so bad that it completely avoids going to the dentist despite toothache or tooth disease. To go for regular check ups with a dentist is necessary if you want to maintain good dental health for life. Therefore it is important to deal with the fear.

Whatever it may be due to

Dental Fear is often because you feel you do not have control over the situation. People who suffer from dental anxiety often describe that they felt forced to a treatment without any influence. Sometimes it is because the fear of past negative experiences. It is important to talk to your dentist about how you feel about a visit to the dentist. Usually it is not the dentist you are afraid of no treatment.

Do you talk through your treatment with your dentist, it is possible to influence and understand what is happening. Local anesthesia can do it does not feel anything when the dentist drills or doing other interventions in the mouth.

Pain is a subjective experience and its level can be influenced by fear after previous negative experiences at the dentist.

Help you can get

Today, you can get help with dental fear with the help of dental care support. The price of treatment is the same as for conventional care and are included in the high-cost medical care. For treatment to apply required a collaboration between dentistry and a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Through exercises and discussions, working to reverse the negative experiences into positive. As often spans when you are afraid to do relaxation exercises and mind exercises to get your body to react differently.

Treatment methods

A common form of therapy called systematic desensitization. The therapist and dentist work together with habituation and relaxation. One exercise might be to practice to relax in the dentist’s chair while the dentist performs simple treatments such as polishing. The more confident you become in the situation, the more the dentist allowed to do.

The whole time it is important that you feel that it is possible to say stop if it gets too hard. In extreme dental anxiety, a treatment performed under general or with tranquilizers. Such treatment is not counted as a remedy for dental fear, but in an emergency this may be relevant.